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Food & drink

This is a licensed event, so valid ID will be required to purchase alcohol. To keep this simple, we will be using a wristband system, so please show your photo ID and pick up your wristband by the main entrance. Valid ID includes NZ driver's licence, Hospitality NZ 18+ or Kiwi Access card or your Passport.

We are stoked to be welcoming Amberley's Brew Moon truck on site, serving a selection of their craft beers, and we also have Waipara Hills Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé as well as Mud House Brut Cuvée. In addition, we have a range of beers including Carlsberg, Garage Project Fugazi, Somersby Apple Cider, Liase and Pals, as well as a range of soft drinks, fruit juice, kombucha and a couple of alcohol-free beer options. If it gets chilly, warm up at the coffee cart!

Food-wise, we will have Food by Fire's incredible wood-fired pizzas, Roma's selection of delicious tacos and pulled beef spring rolls, Mussel Madness' jumbo mussel fritters, paua fritters and mussel chowder, and One Potato Two's loaded stuffed potatoes, homemade pies, wedges and hot chips.

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